• To Promote Careers in the Construction Industry

  • To Recognize the outstanding work of America’s Skilled Trades People

  • To Reward future workers looking to Build the USA with scholarships



We Build the USA shall increase the amount of individuals pursuing
careers in construction through recognition and promotion of opportunities
in the industry.  We shall reward those interested in starting or advancing
their career in construction through scholarships.  We shall fund
scholarships by challenging members of our industry to speak up and out
about construction careers.  We shall improve the perception of our industry with statistics on safety and training while shining a bright light on the accomplishments of construction trades people all across the United States of America. 



  • There is no career more rewarding than that of a construction trades worker. 

  • All Americans should recognize skilled construction trades workers are created only through years of study, training, and practice to master their craft.

  • A career in construction should be admired at a level equal to any job requiring years of study or college degree.

  • There is nothing more satisfying than being able to say, “I built that.”


The Challenge

Get involved!  Believe in what we are doing?  Help us keep momentum and get others involved.  Here is how:


  1. Donate to the cause

  2. Or use your creative skills to support our cause publicly.

    • For example:

      • create a sign out of building materials

      • record video from your employees and post it to your company YouTube channel

      • challenge three other companies (in the video) within our industry to do the same - or as many as you want

      • Contact Us when your video is posted to your YouTube channel, and we will post a link on this web site


We Build USA Photo